Suzuka’s Birthday Party!

October 21, 2015

Today our Preschool class celebrated Suzuka’s 3rd birthday!! She was dressed up and ready to have a great party with all her friends and teachers! Look at how cute her dress is, the color really suite Suzuka very well!! Here is Suzuka’s adorable cake and decorations. Everything looks so sweet~ Especially that chocolate cake…yummy!!     What an adorable set up! The strawberry table cloth is very cute. I bet everyone was so excited to sing “Happy Birthday!” to Suzuka.   Yay!! She was able to blow out all her candle. I wonder what Suzuka wished for??   Yummy!! Now that everyone has something on their plate, it’s time to…

Craft: 4th Of July (1)

Happy American Independence Day! The Kinder class is now making their first craft for the holiday. Let’s see what they’re going to make. First, they need a rectangular piece of cardboard. This will be their base. The cardboard will have lines to outline the patturn of the American flag! Then they use paper to “color” in the lines.   Wow! Their flags are looking great! That’s a lot of paper!! I wonder how many papers they had to use for their entire craft. Everyone is hard at work. It looks like they’re almost finished~ Wow!! Look at those!! Those American flags are so cute. What an easy and cute craft…

Craft: 4th Of July (2)

It’s Independence Day in America, so our Kindergarten class is making another special craft for the Fourth of July. Let’s see what they’re making today~ First, they need a regular paper tube. Of course it needs red, white, and blue colors because those are the American flag’s colors! The bottom of the tube is painted a striped red and white while the top is painted blue. Then on the blue, they glue their white stars. It really resembles the American flag!   Now, it’s almost finish. Everyone just needs the last finish touches for their craft. It’s paper streams! Everyone made their own fireworks! It really looks so festive. Rise…

Saturday Kinder Fourth of July Craft

Happy Fourth of July from our Saturday Kinder class! Today, they made their own red, white, and blue shaker. Let’s see how they made it! First each child got two paper cups. One cup is blue and one cup is red with stripes. Just like the colors of the flag! Next they glue on cute stars onto the blue cup. Do you think they can fit 50? Finally all they have to do is let the paint dry and fill it in with beans. Once you tape the two cups together, everyone can SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE! Everyone’s flag shakers looks so good!! Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!

Saturday Fourth of July Craft

Happy 4th of July! Today, Saturday class celebrated the patriotic holiday by creating a special craft! Let’s see what they made today~ First, everyone gets their own paper plates. Then just like the stripes on the American flag, they must use red paint along the edges. Next, everyone writes “Happy Fourth of July!” on the center of their plates. Now here comes the special part. They must use glue and draw their own design, however they want. Once they glue, a teacher will then sprinkle on blue glitter! Wow! It’s so sparkly~ Afterwards, they are able to choose their own stars and glue those on however they please. So many…

Fourth of July Party

Yummy! There’s no better way to celebrate the Fourth of July with a Red, White, and Blue party! The best way to celebrate this wonderful occassion is with some delicious snacks to get the kids in the patriotic spirit! Wow!! It must be really delicious! 1 I children love to tell stories in English during parties. I wonder what they’re talking about today?   Happy Fourth of July, everyone!!

Ichito’s Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Ichito! It’s that time of year to wish Ichito a happy, wonderful birthday!   Wow! It looks like a lot of sweets! Don’t get any cavities~   Now it’s time to blow out the candles! Make a big wish, Ichito! This only happens once a year.       Cool! There was even a cotton candy machine. I wonder who chose what kind of flavor they wanted to eat.     Happy Birthday, Ichito! Thank you for celebrating your birthday with us!      

Shaezil’s Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Shaezil! Today, Shaezil is ready to celebrate and she came dressed to impress! In her Frozen dress and Frozen theme party, nothing could bring Shaezil down on such an adorable occassion.   “Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear Shaezil!”     With such a happy look on her face, I bet she must’ve wished for something really good!     To top it all off, she even had a Frozen Elsa piñata! She has to pull the right string in order to open up what’s inside. I wonder if she got the right string here??     Thanks for being a wonderful part…

Airu’s Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Airu!! Airu turned one year older! We got to celebrate with her with an adorable Disney theme! From Frozen plates to a Tigger cake, Airu was so happy to celebrate her birthday with all her favorite characters.       Airu was treated just like a princess today. Her and all her classmates were treated like royalty.     After singing happy birthday, it’s time to blow out the candles and make a wish! I wonder what Airu wished for?     Piñata time! Airu looks so determined to get whatever’s inside that box!   Swing the bat hard Airu! But not too hard…you don’t want to hit…

Hijiri’s Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Hijiri! Today the entire world gets to hear about Hijiri’s birthday party because his theme is all about space exploration!! From top to bottom, the entire room is decorated in everything from Earth balloons to star napkins! It’s really colorful!     However, the most important part of any space exploration isn’t the planets or the space ships, but it’s the astronaut! Hijiri looks ready to take on any space mission coming his way. He even has a helmet equipt with an oxygen tank!   Wow! This is a feast fit for a king. Our birthday boy also gets to wear a golden crown! There are so many…

Father’s Day Craft

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! To celebrate this wonderful day, our Pre-Kinder class made a special craft for their special fathers! Let’s see what they made today~     Everyone is concentrating hard to cut red pieces of paper. I wonder what this paper will be used for?     Time to paint!! What a bright color of blue! What could this craft be? Maybe a fish? Whatever it may be, these girls look so content coloring their gift. Hopefully, they’re thinking of their fathers while painting!     Wow!!! That’s amazing! It’s a rocket picture frame! How cute~ Their crafts are made with hard work and love!  

Sarah’s Birthday Party

Happy Birthday, Sarah! We’re so happy to be able to celebrate Sarah’s birthday! She looks so cute in her birthday dress! Sarah was really happy to be able to spend her birthday with all her friends at school.     Not only that, but everyone got to eat a special treat during lunch! Everyone is so lucky~ It looks really delicious   The decorations are also really cute! Sarah being able to eat with all her friends and Mickey’s friend was really fun! Happy Birthday, Sarah!      

Activity: Find the Opposites!

Saturday Kinder is working on their vocabulary! All the words are spread out in the center of the carpet. The goal is to find words that mean the opposite of each other. “The oppostie of slow is fast.”     “The opposite of sit is stand.”     “The opposite of white is black.”     “The opposite of asleep is awake.”     “The opposite of cold is hot.”     “The opposite of run is walk.”     “The opposite of wet is dry.”     Good job, everyone!!