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This is one of the most important steps! We have improved our sanitizing system and have switched to automatic dispensers. Similar to any store you enter now, we have a sanitizing station placed outside our door. We ask all students to sanitize their hands before entering the school, when entering their classrooms, after coughing/sneezing/blowing their nose, after touching their personal belongings, before eating, after the bathroom, and any other time we feel necessary. As they say, it’s better to be SAFE than sorry!


Before entering the classroom, everyone must have their temperatures checked. If any signs of illness or symptoms of a cold are present, the student will immediately be separated from their peers and be sent home till their symptoms are gone. Decisions to send a child home will be made final by a school administrator. The school administration also must approve the return of the student after being sent home.

We recommend everyone regularly check their temperatures, but if your child shows signs of a fever at school, but not at home, we respectfully ask your child stay home until we feel there is no threat of infecting others.



Masks are a big part of our lives now. We always have extra masks with us wherever we go! We ask you send your child to school with extra masks as well. All students are asked to wear masks when on campus with the exception of children under 18 months of age. When exercising, it is not advised to wear masks. The children are spaced graciously, and masks are removed to allow proper breathing. When eating, students remove their masks and place them on the table or in their lunch box, with the inner side folded in.


We decided to surprise all our loyal students with new crayon boxes and backpacks for how BRAVE and RESPONSIBLE they have been and for cooperating with us in keeping our school clean and safe! We believe personal crayon boxes will help us reduce the transfer of any germs. Our original American Kids backpacks are ONLY to be used for school. Our goal is to limit outdoor/unknown exposure to their school supplies so germs are not brought into the classroom.


We have always kept our teacher to student ratio minimal to allow for maximum learning! With our smaller groups, we are able to keep our classes safe and have everyone spaced at a reasonable distance from each other.


Social distancing doesn’t only apply when standing in line! We remind our students that social distancing is something we must constantly practice. Students are spaced at an appropriate distance from one another, as well as the teacher. When participating in activities on the carpet, students are given pillows to indicate where they should be sitting throughout the activity. When lining up, students must not be able to reach the student in front of them. Due to the mandatory masks and social distancing, teachers will use a microphone (headset). This will allow our teachers to enunciate while keep a safe distance from their students and wearing a mask. Enunciation is a big key when teaching a new language as children mimic the sounds they hear.



When sitting at the table partitions are placed between every student to refrain from the transfer of germs. Partitions don’t only help students keep their hands to themselves, but also provide another layer of protection when communicating with each other. Partitions are cleaned every day. Cleaning procedures for our partitions can be found under the CLEANING section.


We have always had air filters in our classrooms to ensure we are only breathing in the cleanest air! During the warmer months, we open all the windows at least once a day to allow the air to filter in and out. On top of our regular air filters, we have also added the “Airdog X5s.” The Airdog X5s is another high efficiency air purifier which is able to filter the smallest of particles! More details about the Airdog X5s can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Your teachers don't only teach you English; They also clean up after you, make sure you are safe, and care for your well-being! After every class, the classroom is carefully sanitized and cleaned so it is ready for the next class! The teachers and staff at AMERICAN KIDS International School have devised a cleaning system which we live by! All chairs and classroom materials that have been touched are wiped down with a disinfectant. The tables, partitions, and whiteboards are sprayed with a disinfectant and scrubbed. Our interactive boards, computers, tablets, and other electronic devices undergo our UV LED disinfection lamps after every use.


By the entrance of the school, you will notice cones with chains asking parents to stay a respectable distance from the door. Parents are asked to stay outside the chains at all times. To speak to a staff member, please consider calling or sending us an email!


We have suspended all school visitors for the time being. Limiting the amount of visitors we allow on campus helps us intercept unnecessary germs from entering the school.


Our students wanted to express their gratitude towards all the hard working heroes! Please share this video with anyone working in an essential industry to help us spread our appreciation!